Hello! .. I will tell you, briefly, the last ‘piece’ of my life. My name is Pietro, I managed a small bar in Treviglio (BG) and I wanted to transform it into an association for human rights I wanted 1. to provide hot meals at home for FREE 2. to help young artists and 3. to teach young people i ‘trades’ that will give them a living.

I have a son who turned 20 in February and I see that things are getting worse. My little bar has closed its doors as a STATIC gathering becoming ITINERANT BAR _ CIVIL DISOBEDIENT (like myself;)

After the Law n ° 248 of 4/08/2006 also known as “liberalization decree”, my activity has undergone a sharp reduction in revenue (2017 turnover is 1/15 of 2012 turnover). Since July 2017, I have no longer been able to honor the payments that came from my public bodies and the state to my company “caffèPIT”.

I am in serious economic disruption, if I pay these unconstitutional taxes, I cannot pay food for my children for my woman and I cannot pay for heating and electricity.

When witnessing a crime, we can be witnesses or accomplices to the crime. I do not want to be complicit and therefore I am not interested in offers from the institutions of this state.

In Honor Peace and Without Prejudice, I Man Constituent Member Of The People pietro gregorio possenti endowed with reason, conscience and wisdom, guaranteed by the Italian constitution and by international rights: “I am not interested in offers from state institutions or related companies RECUSED the signature I had previously made because because of CONSCIOUSNESS I realized that things are no longer going well, I am no longer willing to accept this type of management“.

In my name and in that of the companies I manage, I will not send telematic data in my possession.

I refuse to pay this EXTENSION OF MONEY to women and men – HONEST WORKERS.

I have always honored payments (as my whole family of HONEST WORKERS has always done – including in my dad KILLED ULCERA).

Since July 2017 I am NOT INTERESTED in this EXTENSION OF MONEY to women and men – HONEST WORKERS.

If you need help don’t hesitate to contact me. To help us you can donate even just a euro! Thank you.

Watch this video. by _ pit;)