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Thanks. In the Truth for Peace.

Not only say it but also do.
I say, ” Don’t think, okay?”
You were sure of certain things,
for you, for your children, your work,
your plans, certain behaviors.
All upset.
There comes a virus and you are no longer anyone.
In fact, you’re someone.
The one who has to roll up his sleeves.
Complain zero. Accept events.
And clench your teeth.
If you didn’t feel important
now you have to be.
Why to save the world
you have to believe in yourself.
and to all your energy you have to give bottom.
Linda Valentinis

Now we MUST roll up our sleeves and TAKE BACK our LIFE, our COUNTRY, our LAND.

The coronavirus also managed to REMOVE the last RIGHTS we had.

Even the most naive might think badly!

WAKE UP !! wake up! Let’s unite _ Let’s help and CREATE A NEW ITALY;)

How do they put us down ?? But with these instruments (MES) Belli and Carini (MES) designed to put it, in all respects and in all respects, IN THAT PLACE, to the countries that, despite themselves, find themselves in economic difficulty.

They aim to take over our beautiful Italy, the most beautiful country in the world!

Without complying with the laws in force in that state !! “pre-state” “pre-legal”.

It is clear how they want to take us at all costs to join this damned MES

Here is the MES this PRISON in the prison (called europe):

The European Stability Mechanism (ESM), also known as the State Bailout Fund, is an international regional organization created as a European financial fund for the financial stability of the euro area (Article 3), established by the amendments to the Lisbon Treaty ( art. 136) approved on 23 March 2011 by the European Parliament and ratified by the European Council in Brussels on 25 March 2011.

However, it took on the role of an intergovernmental organization (on the model of the IMF), due to the structure founded on a board of governors (made up of representatives of the member states) and on a board of directors and of the power, attributed by the founding treaty, to impose macroeconomic policy choices on the member countries of the fund-organization

The work of the ESM, its assets and assets wherever they are and whoever holds them, enjoy immunity from any form of judicial process (art.32).


In the interest of the ESM, all staff members are immune to legal proceedings in relation to acts performed by them in the exercise of their functions and enjoy inviolability towards their official acts and documents (art.35).

However, a board of five external auditors (art.30, paragraphs 1 and 2), independent and appointed by the fund governors, has access to the books and individual transactions of the ESM.

The composition of the college is broken down as follows: one member comes from the European Court of Auditors, and two others in rotation from the supreme control bodies of the Member States.

The German Constitutional Court has placed a limit on the German contribution to the rescue of countries in difficulty, however avoiding to tie every single action of the EMS to the judgment of the Parliament.



We defend ourselves concretely _ BLACK ON WHITE _ FOR OUR SACRED HOLY HUMAN RIGHTS _

ALSO DONATE ONLY 1 EURO AND contribute to the growth of our foundation.

If you have particular situations to solve contact me that I will give you my help. I believe there are 2 things that can save us LOVE AND KNOWLEDGE _


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